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740 years old is Alfeld,
a long history traces of which you will encounter with every step through town. The traditional affinity of the 25000 inhabitants for their history is impressively focussed in the regional museum, our "jewel", the former Latin School.

There the past is maintained vividly so that a visit will be a special experience, a walk through centuries.

Strolling through Alfeld means seeing oldest half timbered buildings with wonderful and unusual ornaments and carvings. You won´t be aware of the fact that Alfeld is a thriving industrial town with a number of "firsts" in trades and technologies worldwide. ( First and largest breeding of bot cyclamen, largest trading and quarantine station for exotic animals to serve zoos world-wide, largest shoe last factory in the world, first industrial building of the famous architect Walter Gropius, a more than 200 years old paper mill with latest technologies also in environmental protection, first manufacture of industrial laser technology cutting systems in sheet metal ). A former small farmers´ community open mindedly always sensed opportunities and impulses for progress.

Alfeld being charmingly embedded in the wooden Seven Hills where you might see one of the seven dwarfs or even Snowwhite - if you are silent and innocent enough - enjoyable walks in any direction offer recreation. Swimming, be it winter or summer : no problem. Gyms and sport fields for almost any sport. 19 hole golf course : 10 kilometers near. Cycling is very popular. Riding or accommodation for your horse : no problem. A ride in a balloon or in a glider can be organised.

Off the tourist track but by no means boring, Alfeld is an enjoyable, interesting, and hospitable place. 200 years of industrial history, customers from all over the world ever since have taught us : visitors come as strangers, they leave as friends.